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Mr Cloud Ying

Cloud 毕业于Macquarie University,获得该校应用金融学士以及商学硕士学位(金融学方向),曾任资管机构高级交易员,券商首席分析师,并帮助多家资管机构搭建交易逻辑和风控系统。现任Tradimo中国区COO,也是目前Tradimo的中国区导师。他擅长通过基本面分析和技术分析的结合来有效判断行情的趋势走向,同时多年来的职业机构经验也让他一直推崇这样一句话“没有任何的分析是100%正确的,所以我们必须在交易中引入风险控制。"


Tradimo was born in 2011 out of an online poker academy that taught cutting-edge poker knowledge at an affordable price to over 7.5 million students. Many of them became very successful, with over 1,000 even becoming poker millionaires and needed practical education about what to do with their money.

Now, Tradimo is a growing team of educators and engineers on a mission to change the future of financial education by bridging the gap among real-world skills, relevant education, and the financial industry.

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